Tenancies & Eviction

Most landlords let their property as an investment. Often the easiest way to deal with a troublesome tenant is to evict them.

Guiding you through Tenancies & Eviction

As a landlord, your property represents a significant investment, and we recognise the commitment involved in safe guarding your current and future livelihood. If an issue were to arise, a prompt and proactive approach is best to avoid any financial losses or damages you might incur. Provided the correct procedures are followed, most landlords will be able to evict their tenants and recover possession.  

Please see our information sheet below for details on the process.

Our solicitors provide advice on:

  • Recovering possession from your tenant
  • Granting an Assured Shorthold Tenancy
  • Licence  agreement for HMO
  • House share agreements.

It can be all too easy to get lost in the legal complexities involved with letting out property, particularly when disputes with tenants arise. Having a knowledgeable landlord and tenant solicitor on your side can help to keep things running smoothly and provide peace of mind that any issues can be resolved effectively, minimising any impact to you.

Tenancy Deposit

It is standard practice for most landlords to ask for a deposit from their new tenants, in order to secure the tenancy on their property before moving in. Landlords must follow certain procedures when it comes to receiving and returning a tenant’s deposit. Landlords have the right to obtain a rent deposit from tenants as a form of security and protection as the property comes off the market.

The deposit should be held throughout the tenancy in a government-backed tenancy scheme and either returned to the tenant at the end of the agreement or withheld to cover any rent arrears or repairs for damages caused by the tenant. Landlords must protect the tenant’s deposit by placing it in one of three schemes within 30 days of receiving the sum and also provide the tenant with certain prescribed information.

The scheme that is to be used must be disclosed to the tenant. If you fail to pay the deposit into a scheme, the tenant could take court action against you to claim compensation. A failure to comply with your obligations could also potentially affect your right to regain possession of the property.

Our solicitors can offer specialist advice to tenants regarding any issues they maybe having with tenancy deposits. We can also pursue compensation for tenants if their landlord has failed to protect their deposit in an authorised scheme.

Housing Disrepair

Facing a property dispute can be stressful and complicated. You do not need to suffer in silence Our property litigation solicitors can help homeowners, landlords and tenants solve issues as quickly as possible.

We understand how disruptive it can be when a landlord has refused to repair faults or hasn’t kept the house in a suitable condition, and the impact this can have for you and your loved ones. Our team will endeavour to get you quick results wherever possible. Our team has the expertise to help you resolve your dispute with minimum fuss and stress involved. We’ll give you practical advice and, if you need it, we’ll offer you legal representation.

We can guide you through the complex aspects of property law and help you to find a positive solution to your dispute.

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