Entry Clearance Visa

You can apply for UK visa entry clearance to come to the UK for work, study, visitation (unless you are non-visa national) or to join a family member before you enter the UK. UK visa Entry Clearance is the procedure used by Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs) at British missions overseas to check, before a person arrives in the UK, if that person qualifies under the Immigration Rules for entry to the UK.

Our expert team of UK visa solicitors specialise in all types of UK Entry Clearance Visa applications. Our immigration team have a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience to provide specialist immigration advice and representations for various UK visa entry clearance applications.

How can we help?
Our expert team of UK visa solicitors can represent you in your application for UK visa Entry Clearance and carry out all the work on your application until a decision is made by the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) on your UK visa entry clearance application. As your appointed legal representatives, our expert team of UK visa lawyers can:

  • Advise you about the relevant criteria as set out in the immigration rules
  • Advise you about the documentary evidence to be submitted in support of the UK visa Entry Clearance application;
  • Assess all your documents to make sure that the requirements of the Immigration Rules are being fully satisfied for your UK visa entry clearance application to succeed;
  • Help complete and submit the online application form.
  • Prepare a detailed cover letter in support of the UK Visa Entry Clearance application explaining in detail all the legal requirements for the successful outcome of the UK Visa Entry Clearance application;
  • Uploading all the supporting documents in support ofthe UK Visa Entry Clearance application;
  • Booking your appointment with the application centre for the enrolment of your biometrics and submission of your passport
  • Liaising with the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO)

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